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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hello. Just wanted to say you don't have to rush things. Take it as slowly as you need.

Please keep in mind: Threesomes are not a requirement to live polyamorously; neither is being bisexual. Does he want you to be with a woman but not with another man? How would he feel if you had another male lover? Have you discussed this? There is a thread (sticky note) somewhere here with recommended books to read, some of which might help you both ask questions you may not have thought of, and to formulate what you would need from being polyamorous.

Only do and participate in what feels right for you, and don't set aside your own needs for your husband just because you think it will make him happy -- you have to be comfortable and explore your sexuality for you and no one else. A marriage is a partnership of individuals, after all. Be true to yourself.

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Thanks! Yes, we have discussed male/female. He would like for me to have a threesome with both. He would like a FMF experience and a MFM experience with me. He actually talks about the MFM more than the FMF.

He's very good about taking things at a pace that is comfortable for me. So, no worries about rushing. If I'm uncomfortable with something, he always takes a step back and brings things back to comfortable.
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