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Unhappy He chose me over poly- how do I help him move on?

Hello all,

It's me from the "My BF won't let me go" thread. Well...he has been moved in 2 weeks and this weekend realised he can't handle poly. He had to make a choice. He has chosen me. But he doesn't feel he had a reason to dump her other than she shouted at him on the phone and demanded an answer which made him snap and say fine i end it with you.

He had a D/s relationship with her and has been talking all day how he has lost his sub...i have been trying to give him space..doing what I would do for a friend..made him lunch, did his washing, gave a hu, left him be ...i didn't say anything when he didn't sleep in my bed...but i told him i don't want to lose him and he said he doesn't know if he isn't going to push me away and hates me a bit for this.

So what can I do to help him? He is going round hers later to have a "closure" talk. I have tried to talk to him like I would a friend..saying if he dwells on what he has lost he will ruin the relationships he HAS got etc..

I don't feel happy or gloaty I have "won" because it doesn't feel like that. I'm scared watching him push me away will be more hurtful...just wondered if anyone had been poly and realised they took on too much and how they stayed with one partner after?

Thanks in advance..your answers on my other thread helped me tremendously, I mean it x
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