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Originally Posted by kajira View Post

More than any thing, i came here to find friends. It is good to know there is understanding here as well.
i have never really fit into the little boxes that people have prepared for me. I am wild and i am impulsive. i wish to harm none. A big part of my life has been spent as a Wiccan / Pagan and harming none (to the best of my knowledge and intentions) has always been foremost.
I feel welcome here, and i don't feel the need for pretenses. i feel like i can be open and tell all, if the situation should merit.
....and i SO like what you said about fitting in the hole one is designed for...not the hole someone else designed.
Well stated.
Thank you. I'm in a huge psychological, mental and emotional growth time right now and things like not fitting into a hole that someone else created are just coming to mind so clearly because I'm dealing with them. I've spent so long trying to force myself to fit into a hole someone else created only to find it doesn't matter what I do-I'll never ever ever be square.
I was desperate to find others who were also not square when I found this place. I spent a whole day searching online for someone, something, anything, anyone that might "get" what seemed so natural inside of me, but was completely unfathomable for those around me.

Ironically-when I found it-I also found out that many of the people in my life felt the SAME WAY and we were all struggling against those bonds. It's so relieving to know that my 3 best friends and several other people who are friends all struggle the same struggle.

I look forward to getting to know you better on here as well.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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