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Well, it sounds like your foursome has worked through a lot of issues in the past couple years. It's great you, Ki and Ka all get along fairly well now.

It just seems boundaries need to be set about sharing time with your (very busy) D!

I was perturbed that he broke a boundary early on, having 3way sex with Ki and Ka that night when he told you they wouldn't be there, and if they were, there would not be penetration.

I also see he neglected the Ks when he first hooked up with you. Seems to me he gets carried away with NRE, first for you, and then, for the Ks when they became comfortable with 3way sex.

We don't come across a "polygynous" situation all that often here, but when we do, it can happen that there are infighting and struggles for primacy between the "sister wives." It's a shame you don't see the Ks doing the work you've done to research poly.

Have you seen the documentary series Sister Wives? That family happens to be in a religion that endorses one man/several women marriages. Maybe you all should watch it. In that case, the man had 3 wives, and a couple dozen kids, and they all lived in a big house. He went to the bedroom of each woman in order, like clockwork, one night per woman. But then he courted and married a 4th wife, who got a house just down the road. The original wives had to struggle to integrate her into their lives.

Personally, I have such a high sex drive, I'd be totally unsatisfied with just getting my husband once or at most twice a week, when he is getting sex and cuddles with a different woman every single night. I'd have to be the man in that situation! hehe

How does Ki feel about only getting D once a week, and even then sharing him with Ka? Why does Ka get to have several nights a week with him, when the other 2 only get one? I know she has a more open schedule, but should that have to mean she gets him on every one of those nights, when the other 2 still only get one night?

Only the 4 of you can decide this.
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