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I'm a jump in the cold water type of guy.... wading in is prolonged pain not acclamation for me....that being said you got to ask which do I want? When faced with similar situations I asked myself if it was a normal dating situation they would be making all these decisions based on how they felt about each other ....not a third person I didn't want to incumber anything ....I also didn't want to be the weak one .....or viewed as the weak one or spoke about as being a reason something that was planned then got cancelled.....No way.

I found the thoughts of and the conversations leading up to an event such as you describe were more trouble some or emotional than the actual event itself. In your case you should just imagine using the camper with some young hot new babe under similar circumstances.....and you can't or shouldn't get any blow back. You could look at it as paying it forward or an investment so to speak. While their gone and you are doing your normal day to day activities and see an attractive lovely .....just think I wonder if she likes camping .... or god I'd love to go for a weekend with her anywhere. Have fun with those thoughts instead worrying about possible negative stuff.

Good luck D
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