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On contacts....
Djinni, that energy is awesomely but potentially dangerous. How you handle it can mean a lot. It's good that you're seeking advice (perhaps better than the advice you get ).

I would suggest that you try to limit the texting carpet bombing runs. Done? Great start. Ok, seriously though, some folks text a lot, some do not. A good starting point is to mimic her level of (frequency and length of) communication. No sending five replies to one text. No sending a book in response to a memo. After a reasonable amount if t me, you canolearn a sense of how much contact she wants and adjust accordingly.

One technique that may help is invitational rather than declarative communication. Try to end with a simple question (simple is important) or statement that invites comments. You might even offer bits if data you have in messages that invite further discussion. For example, "<boy> really likes <thing>. I was thinking of doing <thing related the thing>, what di you think?"

And don't forget to breathe. *hug*
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