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This weekend was fantastic. I got to meet another member of the forum and host a really relaxing and fun camping trip. Not bad at all There were many good conversations to be had. Much food and drink and lots of friends and poly folk to wade around in. I love that! It makes me so pleased to host events where people are obviously having a good time and getting some of their need for relaxation and companionship met... not to mention the need to fit in with like minded people!

My boy was suppose to stay at his grandparents house on a neighboring island, but when he found out we were camping he became envious after a couple of days and PN had to drive and meet them part way so that he could come out too. So much for adult time. I got a little at least. He is no bother and I love him being around. My biggest concern was that my parents would throw their hands in the air and say "that's it, he won't come out again" as a way to shove their disappointment down.

PN decided to not camp the first night as he was tired from his week and wanted the house to himself. The second night he almost lost it on Mono when he and his buddy and other people got talking around the fire until 5 am. The fire pit was right by our tent and they were loud, even in a whisper. I had ear plugs. No biggy PN didn't sleep until they did and lay awake listening to them. Mono had a couple of hours sleep; PN slept in late while Mono and I packed up the camp. It was all good when PN woke up to a packed camp, me handing him a coffee and his breakfast. That seemed to make up for it. There has been a lot worse between them... but that is Mono's story to tell.

Mono is crashed beside me. Heh, he is so tired... feel asleep hours ago. So much for getting laid.

I went to the pride parade today with Derby and some friends that were visiting for the camp out... both members here. Derby and I got to hold hands as we walked around the grounds... that isn't something we get to do often, or do often. We are so privileged in het couples when we go on dates. When Derby and I do I have fear of who sees our affection. Maybe because of how things used to be? I know its different now and that I shouldn't worry about it, but in the small town I grew up in it just wasn't an option and that stuck.
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