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Default Looking into poly

I am looking into going poly with my husband. I'm more mono and he's more poly. We are both Christians. Through the studies I've done lately and the questions that even my husband and I have produced to ourselves over the years, I have come to the conclusion, that it is not a sin for him to be poly.

Sadly, I have fought with him over and over through the years, trying to make him mono. But, it's not who he is, and I now understand that. I was raised in the Bible Belt of the US, so it has taken me a lot to get there. Unfortunately, it has caused pain getting there. But, I do believe that I am now ready to move forward. He would really like for me to be more poly and even join him for threesomes. I'm getting there, but that one is taking a bit longer. DH is the only man I have ever been with sexually. I have never been with a female. But, I really think that I can do this.

All my Bible studies show me that it's not a sin, it's just my own mind and upbringing that I'm having to conquer. Time for the pain to stop and for the freedom and happiness to begin!!!
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