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High functioning autistic (before it was popular and over diagnosed, lol) with OCD here - and well aware of it, and struggle to keep things under control by the minute. I agree with 7th - knowing "your kind of crazy" - acknowledging it rather than denying it and learning everything you can about it - helps a LOT. Changed my life.

She definately needs help. Good luck bringing it up - I'd be wearing a flak jacket by the sound of things.

My most recent ex (the one I was with when Violet and I met) has Turners. Fascinating condition, that one. Diagnosed after we split, she's working on things, and I did get an apology for all the times she got mad at me for things she did as they relate to her condition. That was really nice, actually. Helped a LOT with closure.

All that said - I don't know you or her, I haven't seen these things, etc. I will say that based on the little I know based on your posts - I'd be gone. Like, the vacume of my wake would suck in heavy construction equipment gone. I've dealt with that kind of crazy before, and I have no tolerence for it any more. There are several things it could be, but I'm hearing Borderline Personality - and that's scaaaaary.
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