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Originally Posted by River View Post
Oh, really! Because you wanted to see your loved one once a week, too demanding? And how often did the other "primary" see her beloved?
They lived together. So, unless their work hours were at odds (which did happen at times) they saw each other daily. He told me near the end of the relationship that he thought we took things too fast and that it would take time for me to "earn" my way into a primary relationship like he had with his other primary. I didn't expect all things to be equal, but I did want and expect that my thoughts/feelings would be given equal consideration and that I would be involved in decision making about how our time would be spent, with whom (individually, him, her, her kids, her mother, their friends...any combination of these people), doing what, etc....not just be told what they had decided and asked if I cared to join them, or be told when he and I could have "couples" time.

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