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Originally Posted by Djinni View Post
My husband and I have sought partners outside our open marriage and have yet to make a deep connection, but this week we did.

Is it wrong to want to see her again, but also want to give her some space?

I have told her how I feel about boundaries.. That my world does not end where my husband's begins.. Instead I consider anyone spending time with me intimately #1 (or +1 or +2). how do I communicate this without being pushy?

There's a tiny worry in my mind that she will bore of me and move on to her other partners. How do I reconcile my place in her world? What questions can I ask to let her know I need to know my place?
Welcome to New Relationship Energy (NRE). Its been a week! Slow down and gain some perspective here. You are giddy with her presence in your life it seems and that can cause many strange and wonderful questions and thoughts.

You have time to tell her how you feel about boundaries and how it works with your husband. You have no idea how this will unfold and if she will bore of you. Of course you want to be in contact... you really like her... yes, make sure she has space.

Just smile at yourself and let some of this go for a bit until you gain a better idea of if this is even going to be someone that wants to be in your life for awhile. You only met her this week for goodness sake!
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