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Well, my relationship is LDR a lot of the time, since hubs is in the military. usually when he's gone there's no "visiting" so we go 6-7 months without seeing each other at a time. This time he's in country, but it's still the opposite end of the US so 7 hours of flight time to get back and forth. We've managed to visit a few times which has been awesome, but definitely miss the physical contact.

As far as how far away would I consider Long Distance? Probably more than 2 hours or so driving to me would be long distance. For example if I dated someone in LA, that's about a 3 hour drive, so yeah I'd consider it long distance, but then no biggie to drive up and back for a night or weekend. But then in Cali we drive all of the time, commuting and such. i regularly drive 4-5 hours back and forth to pick up my kids, just part of living out here.
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