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A friend of ours was not her usual self when I got to Ragnarok. She behaved towards me in a way that made me feel unwelcome and disrespected. I had heard she was having a rough week, so I let it go, but now that it has been a couple of weeks and she has not responded to posts I left on her facebook page or responded to my request that she let me know when she and her boyfriend will be able to resume our bi-weekly game night. I sent her a e-mail the other night outlining my feelings and my perceptions and asked if there was anything that I had done wrong. Her response was that she had needed a break and still does. Not exactly an answer to my question of "did I do something wrong?" But I responded with take a break and I/ we will be here when you're ready. Yesterday my computer was acting funny, but she mentioned having problems sleeping, so I replied to her post with some suggestions and my post almost immediately disappeared but another friend of ours did not. So I have no way of knowing if she deleted my comment or if the internet ate it, but I was immediately thrown into a "grr" mood. Runic Wolf told me to let it go, but that didn't help because I was trying to process why it irritated me so. So on the way here with Wendigo last night, I puzzled out that I don't have alot of local friends and the numbers decrease drastically when I single out the local female friends. I remember when I met T thinking how awesome it was to find a girl like me, how excited I was to become her friend and I don't want to lose that friendship. I tend to over react when I think that I'm about to lose something important to me; this is something I'm working on, but years of being conditioned to avoid conflict and keep the peace so I don't get hurt is hard to overcome.

Good luck figuring out the root of your irritation and coming up with productive ways to address it. Keep moving forward!

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