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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Are you sure he's not just saying that as a way to get back at her for ending it?
I can see where that might come into play, but he has always been pretty straight with me, so I don't think thats the case. from the get go, he didn't want to disrupt our marriage. he didn't want to hurt our kids. he didn't even want to get involved because she was married but my wife is persistent. he tells me that he is happy that he was able to bring us closer together, that at least he did something right.

she never told me that she bad mouthed me or thought about leaving, but she has said that she let it go to far. maybe she got carried away with NRE. it doesn't help that I'm halfway around the world. sometimes physical touch is just as important as communication.

live and learn, keep moving forward.
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