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I've been with my girlfriend for over a year now & I've always known she'd struggle with monogomy, but she done it for the first 9 months or so. Now she wants me to let her sleep with whoever she wants whenever she wants, she's not interested in starting relationships with other men , she just wants casual lovers. My only issue is the frequency of it, from everything she's told me she would like to sleep with other men as reqularly as once a month. I'm happy to be monogamous with her possibly for ever, certainly for the next few years, I don't need or even want anyone else, I'm open to the idea of polyamoury & believe in the future our relationship will benifit from it. The idea of her having another lover does not bother me, what bothers me is the frequency she wants to sleep with others, especially people I will come into contact with, I find it disrespectful. Has anyone else experienced this kind of relationship mono/polly where the polly person wants regular sex with lots of different people, away from his/her partner. If so do you have any tips on making it work? Thanx!
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