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I tend to have those feelings a lot myself and I always debate whether or not to do anything. I wonder if I'm being petty by saying something but then if I don't I tend to just feel worse and worse. I like NYCindies idea. It allows for some balance. Sometimes it can be necessary to clear the air. I usually try and make sure that it's not something I need to solve in my own head first. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a rut with certain people and every little thing will just crawl under my skin. I guess you could call it being biased. :P sometimes it feels like an all or nothing kind of thing like no matter what they do I'll feel annoyed at them. And when that happens to me, I think it probably has to do more with me. But I guess it just depends on the situation. Ultimately the burden is on us for our own feelings and actions. Do our best to treat others fairly and with empathy. In fact, that can be what breaks it for me is feeling that connection of empathy.
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