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Thanks for the support Carma.
Yes, I expect to find that the poly mindset is another layer of freedom from the Christian upbringing. I'm not far enough in yet to experience the joy of it though. Still struggling thru the emotions of RBR's new relationship and what that all means.

And speaking of that, she and E want to go away for a couple days this week to have time away to build their relationship. I know its not going to be long before the have sex, and I am as prepared for that as I think I can be. My concern is that "IF" I have a bad time of it, it will be 2-3 days before I can talk things out with her.... That seems like a HUGE amount of time if things are bad, so I dont want to sign up for that. But, I also want to be supportive and not try to control things... I feel pressure to give the green light but have serious concerns and really dont want too....

Any advise from the group would be greatly appreciated... Am I just being a putz here?
married, heterosexual male currently in an a newly opened relationship; married to RunBabyRun
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