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The boy spent the evening with the husband and me last night. We had beers, there was bbq and ice cream. All in all a lovely time was had by all, though the evening's start was a little rough.

The boy came over scrunched - work-related trouble. I'm not good at not poking when poking is ill-called for. So I poked. Apparently too hard and he threatened to leave. This was all before the husband came home. I don't take threatening of any kind particularly well, but I backed down. It's a strange vibe we have this last little while. It feels like we're blundering through instead of existing in a relationship. Husband, smartly, reminds me that being in a relationship with someone for 10 months (who hasn't, previously, had serious relationships) is very different from being married for 13 years. Yah, I know. I love him 'cause he's smart. There are plusses and downsides to every kind of relationship. But, it's challenging to switch tracks sometimes, ya know?

Anyway, I think we've decided to do a once-a-week evening with all three of us. That will be added to the one-on-one date, and any other snippets of alone time.
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