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Default Historical Figures In Poly

I know this is probably something which has been discussed at some point, but I can't find any thread too recent on it, or at all.

I had the idea for this thread after recently learning a bit about Igor Stravinsky [Russian/French/American Classical composer]. When he was quite young, he married his first cousin and had 2 children with her, but later on, whilst living in France, met a woman he said to be his life love. He had an affair with her right up until his wife died, but the great part I love, is that his wife found out way before this and had actually accepted it as inevitable. A sort of poly way without realising it. So he had both these women up until his wife died, but stayed only with this second woman, marrying her a year later in America.

Anyone else have some historical figures in poly? Especially as interesting as I found this one? Please share. =]
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