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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Have any of you felt the need to express yourself after the fact? After things have ended yet there are still unresolved feelings? Has anybody found doing so useful? Destructive?

Just sort of looking for thoughts on this rather than advice as I already made my decision in this case. But it still has me thinking in general about communication in all it's forms.
I definately have felt that need, acted on it and been relieved I did. It's funny how so many people accept that after a death one needs closure-but they don't recognize that the termination of a relationship (whether from one type to another or ending altogether) is a death.
Death of any type requires some closure and how wonderful that when it's a relationship (opposed to a life) ending we CAN speak to the other person about the ending-because they are still alive.

I think sometimes some people take it wrong-but I think it can be a very useful thing. For both sides. You learn some about yourself in doing so, and in what you need to do for future relationships and the other person learns about themselves and what they need to do for future relationships as well. Very helpful all the way around.

Of course there are those who will recieve such a missive and either dismiss it (leaving themselves open to repeat mistakes) or fly off the handle. I advise taking either of THOSE two response with a grain of salt.
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