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Default Update on misery

So I spent the night with my gf last night and although we mostly had peace we had a few moments of processing and it got really hard. The new gf feels manipulated and like the gauntlet has been dropped with this ultimatum. My gf doesn't mean to make me feel bad but I can't help but wonder if the accusations are I want control or power? I don't think so, I think I wanted to know who I was dealing with to help me through the nights they are alone. My gf now says that if she had known that the agreement we came to at her dads house the other night would have hurt this woman as much as it did she wouldn't have done it.I am so confused, I don't know what to believe, I know the gf loves me but I don't know if she is being honest. The other woman wants to know what she will get out of meeting me, I don't know the answer. The new gf is now angry a demand was made. I told my gf tha this woman was no different than me in that we both want to be mono with the gf. I have always wanted this and made no bones about it. The new gf entered into a relationship with a poly involved with a mono, stating that she was fine with the idea,a now, because I have been so demanding she wants the gf to be with just her.
I am on the verge of saying goodbye to the gf as this whole thing is making me ill and sad and scared and the only end in sight is when the new gf decides what she wants. An and all advice greatly welcome.
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