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Spent an hour last night agonizing over whether or not I should confront a friend about the way she's been treating me.... I don't like conflict, so I guess I was looking for a nudge. Runic Wolf, the amazing husband he is, suggested I find out what Wendigo thought about it and he gave me the nudge I needed. Unfortunately, the reply didn't really answer my question of if she is mad at me or if I did something to upset her. She needs a break, but from what? I told her to take a break and I'd be here when she's ready, but it is still frustrating.

Pretty Lady is fighting with writer's block, so Wendigo is still waiting to hear if he'll be available tomorrow to spend time together. He is supposed to be helping me refit my corset before next weekend and with his leg healing slower than any of us would like, I know he's getting frustrated.

Tonight I am in pain; my shoulder feels like it went back in wrong somehow. Runic Wolf has been awesome and attentive, so no complaints there. I <3 my life, even when it is imperfect.
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