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Hm, you sound exactly like the other girl from our "first go". It's uncanny

Something that jumps out - you say that you agreed with him beforehand that emotional relationships were out of bounds and he did it anyway? And then you asked him to end it with her and he refused? I'm not a fan of setting rules that rigid, nor do I believe it's possible to help who you fall in love with - but that seems a little harsh. To enter into something with the idea that it will be sexual and then have it develop into an emotional thing must be hard... perhaps it didn't come over in your post but I hope he is at least attempting to try and make this easier for you (you mentioned therapy...)

As someone whose been in this situation before (although, from the other side) I would say that befriending her is a good move. But be careful - if you steam ahead without taking the time to make sure you are really on board and happy with everything, it just gets worse. The girl who I say you sound like felt overcompromised after a while, and that her "giving it a shot" was more damage than it was worth... but I guess we have to make these mistakes sometimes...
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