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Good question, didn't realize it might have read this way. My gf says she wants the rest of her life with me if this woman stays or goes. She says that she wishes this had not happened and that if there was a way to break up with this woman without hurting her she would. I do believe that she loves me, needs me and wants me forever at this point. So, no, if I thought that for a second I would have run. I think she is trying really hard with this woman to make it work where it does not. This woman and I are very very different people. I feel sex is spiritual. I would be fine if she was in this relationship with this woman and there was no sex, I would be fine with kissing, sleeping, hugging, but no sex. I would prefer sex was between us only. I know that is absurd and not reasonable but I'm just putting it out there that my gf knows at least I could deal with that with no problem and no need to meet the other woman. Does that make sense? THanks again for your time and help. It means so much.

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