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[q]do you and anyone else for that matter think it will ruin the relationship if my hope continues to be that my gf and I get back together monogamously?[/q]

Ruin which relationship? You and your gf? NO Your GF and HER GF? So what? This girl doesn't even want to meet you. She already thinks you are manipulating her? Didn't she know you were in the picture when she signed up for this? Sorry to sound negative, but you have to worry about you and stop worrying about this other chick.

[q]My gf knows that's what I want and she says that she will be mono if the other relationship does not last[/q]
What I get from this is: your girlfriend is just hanging on to you "in case" this other arrangement doesn't work? Is that right? Please tell me that is not the case.
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