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Originally Posted by RunBabyRun View Post
I'm not sure what to say here but I want to respond to your pain. Read people's blogs and threads on this site. They are so deep and I'm sure you will find comfort, encouragement and friendship here. Lean on your husband and just'll get through this and you'll grow because of it. Keep your chin up and stay away from sharp objects. [hug]

Thanks for your kind words. I have been reading and reading and reading some more. It helps but it gets hard from time to time. This week has been a ton better. Feeling some of the comfort of pre life turned upside down days. The conversation has felt relaxed and comfortable. He doesn't seem so internal. I am trying to remain hopeful and keep myself open to his anxiety toward this. I have decided that they both might benefit from talking to each other before we all actually meet for the first time. I think it might help him feel empathy for her position more. I could be wrong so I won't push it but I will suggest it. These forums are a good friend to someone like me.
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