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yeah-unfortunately he's had these issues since childhood and the tend to manifest in huge ways that ruin relationships. His first marriage, his friendships. He creates an environment that ensures that he gets exactly what he doesn't want.
It's very frustrating-I've lasted longer than anyone else. I love him dearly-I would give him anything. I tried to give up myself for him (ah the painful lessons we force ourselves to learn the hardway) but of course that didn't work because it only made everyone (including him) miserable. I can't function that way (duh).
So anyway-I already knew better-not even sure why I went down that road for so long-makes me feel pretty stupid now. But I did-and he knows it doesn't work either.
We talked for hours last night and he see's that these things that are eating him up inside are going to ruin every relationship he's ever had if he doesn't get help for them. He says he will start seeing the therapist every other week to work on those issues-I hope he actually puts his mind to the matter and deals with them.
They suck-but he can get through them and he has people here who love him and will stand by him. He doesn't see it-but we are here and if he will just start the work-he'll figure out we are here for him in time.

Thank you for the support. It is very hard to watch and I have had to walk away already a few times. It's not fun and it's not good for the kids. He needs to deal with it this time for real instead of just pushing it back under the surface.
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