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Originally Posted by Snowdancer View Post
4.Social understanding. Do your friends and family support your open relationship and understand what that means? It is easy to think that this is none of their business, but all your relationships tend to intersect at different points. If others in your social circle are unsupportive, it can easily become a strain on your relationship.

8.Out in the open. This is similar to the social understanding item. If either party feels that they need to hide the fact that your relationship is an open one, the hidden aspect is bound to create strain and stress. If you arenít comfortable enough with the concept to be open with people about it, you may need to reconsider your own true believes about the situation.
I know there are people on the forum who are very open about their nontraditional marriages, but I disagree with the assertion that a desire to keep an open marriage a secret indicates hesitation. I have told a couple very close friends about our open marriage (we're not polyamorous--that's perhaps an important difference), but I wouldn't dream of making it public knowledge. People are judgmental and we live in a small town.
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