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Originally Posted by neonshadow View Post
I don't think I'm just some boy toy to her, and I do believe she has some really legitimate feelings towards me. I may have painted her a little too negatively by mistake. She is an amazing person with no ill will towards anyone. I just seem to be having an issue with her relationship lifestyle. I have tried acclimating myself to being in this poly relationship, but it just isn't working for me.

I'm up at night wondering, can this sort of thing work out if I want to live with her? Could we possibly have kids some day? Could we own a house together? Family type stuff. But when I think of other people in the relationship, that sort of stuff (things I've dreamed about) seem out of reach.
Now you're in the meat and potatoes of the topic. Can you achieve your relationship goals (in the way you want to) with her? Factor in your families perception, your friends, your employer...all of these seem irrelevant when you are in NRE but when the dust settles from your passion, that's when they can surface again. Are you going to be ok introducing your girlfriend to your parents? What will you say when they ask where she is during a weekend getaway? Will you lie or will you be proud that your girlfriend can love you and others as well?

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