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Originally Posted by neonshadow View Post
I'm up at night wondering, can this sort of thing work out if I want to live with her? Could we possibly have kids some day? Could we own a house together? Family type stuff. But when I think of other people in the relationship, that sort of stuff (things I've dreamed about) seem out of reach.
If she genuinely loves you, she'll listen with an open heart to your hopes and dreams. It's certainly possible that she can both love you and empathise with your hopes and dreams and not share these in common with you. If that be the case, it's sad for the both of you. You may not be able to make a life woven together. But you can still, of course, love one another as profound friends who have differing paths in life.

Please do not settle for less than you know you really need. It wouldn't be good for either of you if you did. - - - On the other hand, committing to a relationship always involves some sacrifice. Only you can discover what you can sacrifice and what you cannot. Your primary relationship is always with yourself. Love yourself. Share this love where you can; and give yourself entirely to love.
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