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Originally Posted by neonshadow View Post
I'm having a really difficult time with the poly the way she wants it.
I don't know this gal, or what's going on with her and you. But I do know that some people don't know how to love, and some of them call themselves "polyamorous," but they're really poly-sexual. Now, there's nothing bad or wrong with being poly-sexual, but that's not polyamory. You see? Polyamory is about love, which involves -- among other things -- real commitment to one another. And the other crucial -- central -- part is real love.

Sadly, too many of us humans don't know what real love is. It is profound care for the other. Simple as that. The other is not a resource, you see. Not a mine to be mined. But a person to be loved. (Mine pun acknowledged and appreciated.)
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