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Thank you Opalescent. Divorce is not an option because no one wants it. I don't because I want my children to feel secure. My gf loves my family and loves my co-parent. She does not want to live with me and does not want me to be apart from my kids. We talked for a long time last night about my desire to meet her new gf. I have hope that it will help me see her as less of a threat and more human. She agreed that the two of us, new gf and me will meet before they see each other again, I greatly appreciate that because I hope that my physical and emotional reaction to them being together will be much more tolerable. I am truly romantically and sexually monogamous with my gf and my co-parent is 100% aware of this and is on board. Thanks again for your comment and I really appreciate how helpful all of you have been. I wish everyone that needed or wanted support knew of this resource. Thank you all! So much!

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