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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
There should be a thread about the darker side of poly because i agree that there is a panacea attitude that poly just means more love and how can you go wrong with more love? While there is all kinds of stuff that the other partner is supposed to suck up and deal with (even if they are also poly-minded) because it's all about more love so how could that be a bad thing.

People do the most wretched things in the name of "love".

But a thread about it - that would be too pessimistic, wouldn't it?
You read my mind again lady. Be very careful. There isn`t a whole lot of material up there, you might run out of things to read. :P

If anyone wants to TRULY roll up their sleeves, and get real about the effects and consequences of their actions, then yes, a darker-side of poly will enable the board to be much more objective. Like any other thread, if people don`t like it, they dont have to respond to it.

Or, we can all carry on like normal. With convos manipulating monos into our thinking, and talking about how everyone is actually REALLY poly cause bonobo monkeys do it on the discovery channel, and take all our cues, from stories after the shit hits the fan.
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