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It doesn't look to me like you will get a triad out of this. She didn't fall in love with you. That doesn't mean it isn't possible that she might care about you and be a great metamour. Metamour relationships are very important and just as strong some times and partner relationships... you would do well to work on that with her when she comes. After all, she is going to be in your life now.

I can understand mourning the loss of your relationship. It will be changed with her in it. Its hard, but important to allow those feelings to surface and be respected by talking about them and making sure he knows that you need to go at the pace that is most comfortable as a result.

Its sounds really responsible to have therapy arranged as you do... good for you!

Have you done a tag search for anything you might find useful? There are some great threads that have a lot to offer if you go looking.
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