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So what your saying is you've never read stories with these elements of commonality? You need to read the new to poly section.

What about the 3-4 people who posted before you who did identify with the concept and conversation. ???

Because you and your husband came to this forum from a mutual perspective why do you want to debate my word "conversation" or rather belittle it as not connected or honest ....etc.
So what do you say to Carma ? was her conversations not connected or honest ... What do you say to Carma's husband and Bf?

I'm sure your conversations with your husband and other partner or partners are connected and honest and if or when restless heart syndrome rears its ugly head you can write the details then.

It seems at times you and others here just look for things to be offend by. The last two sentences... which sentences..

This topic and the "poetic name" which I heard came up sitting around a camp fire discussing someone's current relationship situation. During that conversation 7 year itch, roving eye ... were used.

Yes my wife has sought help ....quite expensive help I might add.

My personal aftermath story is off if are truly interested in that PM me.


Ditto see above..... also Carma's comments

Her biggest Offense ....really ....that's a very enlightened arm chair view.
I'm really surprised you want to weigh in like this ...knowing what you know.

Isn't your whole relationship with mono more or less predicated on the RHS (Restless Heart Syndrome).... "at some point we know this will end" ????

The concept of serial cheater using poly for cover has been discussed to death why is what I said so untrue or inaccurate.


Thank you VERY VERY much for your comments. I wish others would chime in.

I wasn't try to "cast" bad light I was trying to be accurate ....good or bad ...I did take out the foul language I'm sure I used in those "conversations" or talks. Talks is better right ...cindie

Thanks D
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