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Originally Posted by zenchaos View Post
He asked me again if I was okay with what happened and I said I was.
Don't Lie.

It is OKAY to not be totally OK with it. You have been mono for how long? Rome was not built in a day you know I don't suggest you decide to never be OK with it, but it is perfectly fine to ask that while you are in unknown territory that he cut back on the PDA and let you get accustomed to it, set a time limit if you don't want to feel "demanding" or whatever is going on. For all you know he is willing. I am good with lots of PDA from my partner to somebody else when I have a date with me, if it is me and him and his date, I don't want to see so much sometimes.

Is he giving you lots of affection too? If so and it isn't helping you feel ready to see him doing so much with her, you should just try to ask for what would make you comfortable and tell him how you are feeling. If being considerate is important to you, you have to ask him for what you want and give him the chance to give it to you. Boundaries are fluid, you can change and compromise as time goes by.

If you aren't honest with him about this, you will find it too easy to be a bit less than honest here and there, and sooner rather than later, you'll break up with him, because things just aren't working out. Give them a chance to work out by being true to yourself.
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