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Sometimes, you have to give some to get some. There is no reason why you would have to hang out with his OSOs if you don't want to, or why you should be having to watch their PDA. If you like them as people, set up individual hang-out dates with your metamours and reserve together time with him for just the two of you.
Well I do like his friends but am not actually close enough to spend time with them individually. He said that he's never liked a girl enough to introduce her to them so I felt touched that he did. I also see spending time with them as another way to spend time with him. I do appreciate being in a more social setting once in a while so we're not alone all the time. But you make a good point about giving some to get some. Over time I could probably get used to their PDA if it means sharing in this part of his life. The first time I spent the whole day with them he got the feeling she was feeling neglected even though her husband was there. I'd rather not rock the boat but go figure.

But there is something about you no other woman can provide! Why else would he be with you since he already has one woman in her life?
Because she's in a more serious committed relationship? Haha but I have thought of that, how each girl has something different to offer but it doesn't make her better or worse. I guess this brings me to ask why some people can be satisfied with just one person at a time while others need multiples. But that's probably been talked to death and opens another can of worms.

Thanks for your input, BU! You seem well-versed in these matters
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