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Interestingly enough... last night I was on the phone with her... Despite having a really rough day her self, I asked her to listen to something important for us. I told her it was for the better if I said it, and to listen until I was completely done. At that point, I know she could hear me starting to cry as I was saying it, as my voice got very tense, but I told her that "I know I am insecure, but I love you with all my heart and I trust you completely" (it took about 15-30 seconds to say... because I was crying a lot) I felt so... relieved to say it out loud. I told her that, even if I am not the most comfortable right now with all of this, my insecurities are not because of her but me, and I want her to continue to tell me everything and never feel like she has to hide anything, just as i want to be able to share with her how I feel.

Our conversation ended with her telling me she loves me and thus went to bed knowing she loves me and that has helped a lot.

I want to thank you all for your support here. You guys and gals are kings and queens to me for this help. I might be lurking in the future to read stuff and see things that are similar to me. But most importantly, I took a big step to feel better and feel safer.
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