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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hi there! When I saw that you had posted, I got real excited. I expected the first words in your message to be "Gia had the baby!!" Sorry, but reading about Davis first was a bit disappointing, LOL.

I don't think you need to pressure yourself to say the words to Eric. I think he is "getting it" via all the other things - your physical expressions of affection, the ways you help out, all that stuff. I have a feeling the words will just bubble out of you when the time is right and you won't even have thought about it in advance. So, give yourself a break. It sounds like things are going well for you -- don't go looking for a problem, now!

Congratulations on little Bee!
I actually typed the bit about Bee first, then went back and reordered things to make the post flow better.

I think your advice about Eric is probably right on target. I just get so antsy sometimes! I want everything with the two of them to move faster, to be clearer, to be as deep and full on the outside as it feels to me on the inside. But I know that things don't work that way. Hell, we're talking about a woman who'll just had her life thrown into disarray by the arrival of her first child and a man who has explicitly said to me that he doesn't want a relationship. And still they let me in, still we three (now four!!) give each other the gifts of our caring. I am ever more excited than afraid, and always cognizant of how lucky I am and how lucky they are (thinking of you when I typed that last bit, Mr. FFR).
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