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Originally Posted by jasminegld View Post
Christians approach sexuality in a variety of ways. Sexuality as a "diversion from higher spirituality" is only one of those ways. Sexuality as an integral part of our authentic selves is completely in keeping with Scriptural teachings that God created humankind in God's own image and that we are commanded to love and honor ourselves.
Yes, I see that sex is also valued as a positive part of incarnation in the creation. I think it is like the whole idea of Lucifer as a fallen angel, i.e. that good things can get perverted to become evil depending on the intent and manner in which they are used. So while sex may be positive in Christianity, just as food may be, gluttony would be a sin and fasting would be regarded as having spiritual value. Starving oneself to death wouldn't be regarded as virtuous, but the temporary diversion away from the flesh toward spirit is considered positive. That would be a very different value than hedonism, for example, which some polyamorists might value more than Christianity in their regard to sex and sexuality. I DO think Christian polyamory is possible but I don't think ALL polyamory would be Christian just because it's polyamory. Does that make sense? I think you can still distinguish different perspectives of different issues and that's just diversity within polyamory - to be expected, no?

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
How's that been working for the Catholic Church lately? I was talking to an ex-Catholic lately, who was raised in the Church and was close with several priests and ex-priests. He told me a question priests often ask each other is, "When did you receive 'the Gift?' " The Gift being having been raped by a priest as a young boy. It's that common, it's just assumed to have happened to just about every seminarian and priest, who then pass the Gift on down the line.
This is completely unrelated to celibacy, imo. When people say that this activity is caused by celibacy, why wouldn't the result be heterosexual rape or simply affairs with adults? It sounds more like pedophiles were using the Catholic belief in forgiveness and redemption to get in positions of access to their fetish.

People who truly believe in celibacy tend to value it as a spiritual orientation toward sexual energy. They want to express their sexual energy in non-sexual ways. You could be heterosexual and I don't think your celibacy would stimulate homosexual or pedophilic desires unless those were already latent in your sexuality and you started subconsciously thinking you had more sexual access by choosing that route instead of others. Arguing that celibacy encourages pedophilia is practically the same as saying that you could convert homosexual pedophiles to heterosexuality by providing them with ready sexual access to adult women.
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