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Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
She's not addicted to sex. She compulsively uses sex to feel in control. Again, underlying issues that need to be brought forth and dealth with.
When you mention control disorders, the first thing that comes to mind is anorexia. However, since we're talking about sex addiction, sexual anorexia comes to mind as an anorexia parallel having to do with sex. Why is this parallel association relevant? Well, I'm thinking about someone like Tiger Woods as maybe not so much having sex-addiction as his main problem as being addicted to monogamy and all the perks of a happy marriage and high public regard that come with it. So you could maybe say that he was simply experiencing exploratory sexual desire but his deceit was a symptom of his monogamy-addiction. What he actually did was not so much sexual anorexia as sexual bulimia, with the characteristic "binging and purging" only instead of food being binged and purged, it was sexual affairs. I may be assuming too much since I only know this case superficially, but I just saw it as an interesting parallel for this topic. I think addiction is occurring whenever there is a significant reward/pleasure that someone can't comfortably go without, regardless of when it reaches a level that meets DSM standards. Probably most addictions occur at relatively harmless levels and are really just something the (potential) addict should pay attention to so as to avoid things getting worse. Also, it's just interesting to see how addiction plays a role in so many ways people are unaware of. I would never thought of monogamy as being addictive, for example, until just now.
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