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Originally Posted by VeronicaE View Post
So my questions are:
1) Where in the forum can I read about the practical aspects of starting up without hurting anybody?
2) Is there anybody with my own cultural background who can share their experiences? I'm from Argentina.
3) Does it have to end up in divorce? I know what I'd choose if I have to, but I don't understand why I have to choose at all...

I need to talk to real people with real experience.

1. just keep reading. there are a lot of stories here and I'm sure you can relate to any one of them.

2. I'm not sure about Argentina specifically but I know this website is worldwide.

3. it does not have to end in divorce. communication is key. take it slow, don't overwhelm him.

at first, I'm not entirely possible that the pain is unavoidable. hurt, jealousy, anger. all emotions I felt when mama put open marriage on the table and then found her BF. you 2 just have to keep talking. reassure him that you still love him, that you aren't tring to replace him. hope this helps.
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