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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post


Thanks ...Except the first couple of years.....why the first couple of years? What do you mean 9 yrs emotionally mono? ....a little pregnant comes to mind.

The first couple of years we were teenagers and still in high school. We didn't know any other way of doing relationships. We actually discovered open relationships about a week after we got married, ironically.

I say that I was emotionally mono for 9 years because while I had physical relationships and FWB situations and was always open to more; it took 9 years for someone besides Runic Wolf to touch that side of me that deeply. And there were a couple of years after Runic Wolf's first poly experience ended badly, that I did want him all to myself. Someone had hurt my husband badly and shattered his confidence and I felt it was partially my responsibility to help him rebuild it.
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