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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
DH, the scenario you posted doesn't really look like a conversation to me, where two people are really expressing themselves, hearing each other, and connecting. It just looks like someone being steamrolled. And your last sentences take a jab at poly in general, as if anyone who has chosen poly for themselves has done so out of boredom or some trivial reason. You have discussed your situation in the past, although we have not seen an update, and it is easy to see that you are still bitter and angry about it. Now, anyone who read your story before knows that polyamory is not the source of the problems in your marriage. Have you and your wife sought help to rectify and heal the deeper issues?
Ditto, it seemed to me the biggest offense of hers was the BDSM she was involved in, not the poly so much. Was she really saying she is into that and wasn't able to say so for some reason? Perhaps because you would react?
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