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Default a few words about myself

Hello everyone!

I think I may have been a member of this forum before, but was never very active. I hope that that will change.

My name is Melissa, but most call me Mel. I am 34 years old and live in South Carolina with my wonderful loving husband of 2.5 years (been together almost 6). We met through a swingers site and have an open marriage. This of course has been a wonderful adventure with many discoveries through trial and error over the last several years. I have a 10 yo son who lives with me part-time (shared custody with the ex-).

I am currently unemployed (by choice) so I have a lot of time for the journey of self discovery that I am on. I spent many years trying to live up to the standards of my family & society in general and was in a constant state of misery. Since meeting my husband my life has completely changed in so many ways, and all of them for the better.

I have had several relationships with men, women & couples, (some involving my husband as well, some completely separate) but they have always been difficult to maintain. Usually due to distance and work and/or family obligations. Not to mention the green-eyed monster inevitably rears it's ugly head.

I am still discovering new things about myself everyday and hope to share some of my experience with others here as well as hearing about others' personal journeys.

Here's to new friendships and whatever else may come!
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