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Things and dialog not covered yesterday ....couple things that happen down the road...

A good conversation would have been the one in which I confronted her on The feeling I was getting that our time/dates and even sex was being done out a sense of fairness or obligation. The bad part was I was told it was me ...I'm looking for the negative .etc ... when in fact its quite common. Others here admit they've done the same thing. I posted about at the time.

The other conversation of note would be about primary status. She made a comment about me being her "primary" and she thought that was something I wanted or needed to hear and would be a comfort to me ...or something. She didn't count on my rejection of that status or notion and the subsequent shift in attitude and responsibility as I saw my new role. In the end she my have had a primary (her) secondary (dick) ...that's his name ....and a tertiary (me).
I don't know where the kids and dogs fit in .... Again an entire tread on that topic.

look forward to the discussion D
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