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Smile Different Loves for Different Needs

I think that says it all. You can not have all your needs met by one person. Whether it's your friends or lovers. My husband is my rock and always in my corner for family and work issues. My boyfriend is also my rock but has different perspective and outlook on happenings in my life, so I get two opinions on how to live my life and advice to take. Sometimes I listen to one or the other, but the choice is mine to make. The only drawback sometimes is they agree and gang up on me. Usually when I want something not practical or slightly dangerous. ( Like shopping in Mexico ) I do have to agree with them on that one.

My husband says, his girlfriend also says the same things I do to him and he says see you are alike. He is right about that. We are very similiar in attitude and outlook on life. As are my two men, they are dependable and solid people who care about me. What more can you ask for?

Just go slow and let it happen naturally and always be honest with new people in your life who may become close friends/lovers. When you get to a point you will know its time to tell them. (The ideal time is before anyone gets too close or falls in love) I think its easier to tell a new friend right off the bat and then let them decide for themselves if they want to go further in learning more about your life style. Their eyes are wide open then and they will not feel ambushed or tricked after they develop major feelings for you. I was glad I did it this way with my boyfriend as he had no experience with loving two people. He is very mono in his relationships.

Open and honest talking and lots of it will make things smoother and more comfortable for all involved. If someone new can't talk openly about this, that is the red flag that it won't be successful.
Anything simple always interests me. It is the ability to choose that makes us human. I choose to live honestly and with love in my life.
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