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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Yes, I think you did make a quick assumption. There is a difference between sharing definitions and pondering them in a conversation, and pontificating. Everyone here has simply contributed different viewpoints for consideration, from what I've seen. No demonizing, no denying, no accusing. People here are simply conversing and sharing ideas.
I think it's been an interesting discussion. The only reason at all I would mention the DSM or anything like it is because when it comes to my field, to qualify someone as being substance addicted, there are actual criteria that must be met.

Someone can also have life issues involving a substance, such as alcohol, and not be addicted to it. And someone else can use a substance, like alcohol and not have any life issues because of it. There is a continuum (isn't there always?), and it's not on or off, black or white, bad or good. And how the person deals with it won't be the same from one person to the next either.

I myself have many compulsive behaviors. Some have gotten in the way of my life at one time or another, some not so much. I'm not addicted to anything. Though I do like sex a whole big bunch.
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