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Default Coffee

You can drink coffee straight. Black, bitter, coffee swaying alone in the vastness of your cup. You can have cream in your coffee. It blends it into a brighter tawny color. It cools it. It takes the bitterness out, the burn. Coffee is not so alone now as it sways back and forth in the vastness of your cup. Add a splash of brandy. It adds spice, and sweetness. It brings about a complexity that now sways in the vastness of your cup. Don't add too much. You don't want to ruin the coffee and cream. Its add a brightness that brings life to coffee. Cream and brandy brings out flavors you would miss. They bring me to life. Both together as I sway in the vastness of the world. I know I have to have cream my foundation. I cannot do without cream to take out the darkness in me, to tame the bitterness. I need the spice that adds the final flare to me. The splash here and there that brings it all together. The intoxicating brandy. Together they make the complexity in me. We make something complex, empowering, warming, and relaxing as we all sway together in the vastness of our world.
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