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Finally after 6 1/2 months of study, on the poly, and healing, and talking, and exploring with plenty of bumps and bruises, I can finally say that we are fully relaxed into our rhythm. It feels so refreshing. I was glad that the truck's clock was broken as I headed home. I couldn't sit there and stew about how long I was over there. Jewell wasn't the needy creature she can sometimes be. I slid back into home life with out a glitch. I did a lot yesterday. Home schooled in the morning, and helped with morning chores. Then I spent the day with Lover. We got stuff for our goats, and food, and gas. We had time to cuddle, and ate a great lunch together after a badly needed cooling shower. When I got home I put the food away, and had a delicious meal on the table. Had time to play and cuddle the kids. Helped Jewell milk the goats, and finish farm chores. After I put the kids to bed I wanted to get up and spend more time with Jewell but I feel asleep. She knew I was tiered, and spooned me all night. The last weekend we had a blast as a family. Just the four of us: Jewel, the kids, and I. We rebuilt rabbit cages large and strong like the new bonds that have set. It is working. Jewell is able to talk and joke with me about my relationship with Lover. She had this one harebrained scheme of getting the friend (that ran into us when we had our night over) and her together to chase Lover down with pitchforks. I don't expose much about Jewell to Lover, and Lover to Jewell. I feel that there still is a right for privacy, and honor both sides. Someone one on this forum has the siggy, "Honesty is sexy." Boy it is sexy!! Wit out being honest even when I fucked up, this would have never ever worked. The pay off is great! How long will it last. I hope a while, a loooonnng while, but I won't worry about that now. I know we are in a rhythm, and everyone has relaxed.
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.
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